Dear colleagues!!!
We invite you to take part in the All-Russian scientific and practical conference “Topical issues of psychiatry, narcology and medical psychology” dedicated to the memory of Professor Albert Vazgenovich Pogosov.
Mental health, being an important component of public health, largely determines the economic and social well-being of a person and society as a whole. The rapid development of modern civilization, its intension to informatization, the strengthening of the role of the individual in the society, scientific and technological progress entails modernization in all social spheres, including the healthcare system. This is expressed in the emergence of new, previously non-existent problems in the field of psychiatry, narcology and medical psychology. Of course, the WHO announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic in the World is a new serious challenge for the entire domestic medicine and dictates the need for closer attention to mental health problems.
The conference will be held on May 16-17, 2022 on the basis of Kursk State Medical University.
The purpose of the scientific and practical forum is to exchange scientific and practical experience of specialists in the field of psychiatry, narcology and medical psychology.
Scientific program of the session.
Prospects for the development of scientific, methodological, organizational foundations of modern psychiatry and narcology.
Clinical and diagnostic aspects of endogenous, borderline, affective and addictive disorders.
Clinical psychology and psychotherapy.
Interdisciplinary aspects, personalized approach, the use of team methods in helping patients with various mental, narcological and somatic pathologies.
Problems of mental disorders prevention.
Ways to improve the provision of psychiatric and narcological care to the population.
Modern drug and psychotherapeutic approaches in psychiatry and narcology.
Questions of the effectiveness and safety of the use of modern psychotropic drugs.
Form of participation: remote
Deadline for submitting applications and articles: until 04/15/2022
A collection of materials will be formed based on the results of the conference.
Indexing of the collection: RSCI, DOI, placement in the public domain.

Participation in the conference and publication of articles in the conference proceedings are free of charge.
Detailed information is available on the conference information page >>>