After a long break due to COVID-restrictions, the academic teaching staff of clinical departments of KSMU resumed visits to the central district hospitals of the Kursk region to provide advisory and diagnostic assistance to the local population.

Today, there was a visit to the Regional Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Medvenskaya CDH”. The team was formed taking into account the need of specialized doctors at this hospital, these are cardiologist S.I. Kononov (Department of Internal Diseases No.2), pulmonologist E.V. Khlebodarova (Department of Internal Diseases No.1), rheumatologist A.O. Sorokina (Department of Polyclinic Therapy and General Medical Practice) and vascular surgeon S.N. Zhabin (Department of Surgical Diseases No.1). KSMU specialists consulted more than 60 patients, some of them received referrals to hospitals in Kursk for further treatment.