On September 14 the meeting of academic council was held for the first time in 2020/21. The meeting was held in the lecture hall of the anatomy theater.

V.A. Lazarenko presented his report. The rector spoke on the results of the university work for the previous year and set goals for the new one.

At the beginning of his speech the rector drew attention to the message of the Russian president that in 2020 almost all countries have faced unprecedented challenges to healthcare, economic and social policy. Under the conditions of such crisis the university has obtained a special role in the society.  Many universities of the world including KSMU have launched their research programs and applied inventions which are aimed at fighting coronavirus.

“Nowadays it is important to understand that “the third” mission of the university in other words the ability to influence positively on the region development is just as important as education and science”-marked the rector.

According to the results of different ratings KSMU has been leader among the universities of the Kursk region and held leading position among medical universities of the country for 6 years already.

It is necessary to further develop IT of medical education (specialist’s degree, bachelor’s degree) and merge information technologies with traditional training of medical workers of all the faculties.

Speaking about researches the rector focused on grant activity and personnel training.

Marking considerable contribution to the educational work of the university the rector thanked vice-rector for educational work, social development and public relations T.A. Shulgina.

Coronavirus pandemic touched upon the university. 96 residents delivered medical aid in the in-patient hospitals of Kursk, Kursk region and other regions, 181 students worked as nursing personnel, teachers of the university gave more than 2000 consultations in the remote center based on Kursk Regional Clinical Hospital; the university volunteers fulfilled more than 16000 requests for food and medications delivery for Kursk citizens.

Financial and economic issues were also raised. Special attention was paid to the rational use and strict economy of financials.

The university took active part in multiple joint projects in the field of healthcare, social care, work with gifted children, and support for senior generation in the Kursk region.

Vice-rector for scientific work and innovation development associate professor V.P. Gavriluk, vice-rector for medical work and development of regional healthcare I.G. Khmelevskaya, vice-rector for continuing education and international cooperation associate professor N.S. Meshcherina, head of AAM professor A.I. Ovod.

Other reports on the agenda were also presented. Deputy chairperson of the admission office associate professor P.V. Tkachenko reported on the results on admission to the programs of higher education and secondary vocational education. Vice-rector for educational activity and general affairs professor P.V. Kalutsky reported on the results of the state final certification of the graduates of the 2019/20 academic year.

By the order of Minister of Health of the Russian Federation M.A. Murashko 5 university employees: T.A. Shulgina, N.A. Ketova, O.I. Kalenova, A.A. Stepchenko, M.I. Churilin were awarded medals “For unselfish contribution to the organization of the all-Russian action “WeareTogether”.

Two professors I.S. Ivanov and M.A. Zatolokina and seven associate professors V.Yu. Denisova, E.M. Khardikova, M.A. Lunev, A.A. Kuznetsova, A.A. Zubkova, N.N. Efremova, A.I. Blum joined the academic staff of the university.