Highly respected colleagues!

In front of our eyes there are events which concern each citizen of Russia. This decision of Russia was made in order to finally finish the eight-year opposition of Ukraine and Donbas, achieve demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine and thus to protect itself from growing military threats.

We, the Rector’s Body of the Russian Federation, have developed and strengthened Russian-Ukrainian scientific and educational ties for many decades, and have treated each other with care. Our joint research has made a huge contribution to the world science, so the long-standing tragedy in Donbas is a special pain and bitterness in our hearts.

It is very important these days to support our country, our army, which defends our security, to support our President, who has made perhaps the most difficult decision in his life, suffered, but necessary.

It is important not to forget about our main duty – to lead continuous educational process, bring up patriotism in youth, aspiration to help the Homeland.

Universities have always supported the state. Our priority goal is to serve Russia and develop its intellectual potential. Now, more than ever, we must demonstrate confidence and resilience in the face of economic and information attacks, effectively line up behind our President, by our example, strengthening the optimistic spirit and faith in the power of reason in young people, instilling hope for the imminent onset of peace.

Together we are a great force!