On December 6, a regular meeting of the University Academic Council was held under the chairmanship of the KSMU Rector, Professor Viktor Anatolyevich Lazarenko. It was attended by the chairman of the health committee of the Kursk region, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor E.V. Pismennaya.

The members of the Academic Council discussed the improvement of the organization of scientific and educational events in accordance with modern principles, tools and technologies, the goals and objectives of the university – a report on this issue was presented by the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovative Development Professor V.A. Lipatov. The use of the site ksmuconfs.org was approved as the main resource for organizing scientific events of KSMU. It was decided to involve the International Medical Institute in organizing these events to invite foreign speakers, as well as to increase the effectiveness of scientific and educational events by publishing resolutions, issuing collections of scientific papers with mandatory placement in the RSCI and other scientific citation bases.

Head of the Student Research Laboratory, Professor of the Department of Normal Physiology, Associate Professor I.L. Privalova shared her experience of motivating students and young scientists to conduct scientific research, presenting the results of institutional research. The Scientific Council supported the proposals on organizing interaction between the departments of KSMU, the Center for Shared Use and the laboratories of the Research Institute of KSMU through the student research laboratory, as well as on attracting students of the International Medical Institute and the Medical and Pharmaceutical College of KSMU to carry out scientific research on the basis of the Research Institute of KSMU.

Dean of the medical and pediatric faculties, Professor V.V. Kharchenko and the head of the Department of Physical Culture Associate Professor T.V. Nedurueva reported to the Academic Council on the work of the headed units for two years.

Head of the Center for the Quality of Education and Training of Scientific Personnel, Associate Professor V.A. Solyanina presented the results of the rating assessment of the activities of the teaching staff for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The members of the Academic Council approved the new edition of the Regulations on the Volunteer Unit; Regulations on the procedure for attaching persons for delivery for the preparation of a dissertation for the degree of candidate of sciences without mastering programs for the preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel in graduate school (new version); Regulations on the Procedure for attaching persons for passing candidate exams, passing candidate exams at KSMU (new version), the results of the competition for the best study group of KSMU for the 2020/2021 academic year.

The Scientific Council approved an additional general developmental program in English; main educational programs of higher education – specialty programs in the specialty of General Medicine for implementation in conjunction with the University of Charisma (Great Britain) in English; additional professional advanced training program “Preparation for the procedure of primary accreditation of specialists.”

Also at the Academic Council, voting procedures for competition cases were held; on the intra-university competition in 2021 for placing an order for pedagogical and scientific workers, full-time graduate students of Kursk State Medical University to conduct scientific research; writing monographs; approval and change of topics of dissertations.