The introduction of modern technologies into the practice of a doctor is one of the priority tasks of healthcare. Interventions that are being developed and widely used in the world, using precision instruments and the principles of minimally invasiveness, can dramatically reduce the operational and anesthetic risk of patients with prostate diseases, and increase their effectiveness.

On April 29, 2022, the Russian-wide scientific and practical conference will be held in the conference hall of the Kursk State Medical University, organized by the Department of Urology with the participation of high-level specialists on the topic “The second heart of a man (prostate) in the focus of urological innovations”. This topic is relevant, since every second elderly man has problems with urination connected with prostate adenoma. The modern approach to the treatment of this pathology involves the use of endoscopic, as well as robotic-assisted techniques. This allows you to shorten the rehabilitation period, avoid complications, as well as improve the quality of life of patients. Holding such events at a high level is designed to introduce the latest scientific developments in the field of endourology into the work of a medical organization and every doctor.

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