Dear employees, students!

Dear women!

Please accept our most sincere congratulations on the International Women’s Day – March 8!

This wonderful holiday represents a great love and respect for the beautiful half of humanity, so it is rightly considered one of the most beloved in our country.

Today we cannot imagine the society life without the active and fruitful activity of women in all spheres: science, culture, health, business, politics and, of course, education.

It so happens that most of the employees at our university are women. Women participate in the training of real professionals, carry out scientific research, are engaged in medical work. Thank you for your contribution to the university development, high achievements in professional activity and study. Thank you for your loyalty to your duty, for the atmosphere of mutual support and mutual respect that exists in our huge team largely thanks to you!

Women working in the health sector are characterized by increased professional responsibility, special kindness, caring for people, social activism and optimism. At the same time, they have the strength to maintain the warmth of family relations, bring up children and create an atmosphere of joy and celebration in their environment.

Please accept our most sincere words of admiration and warmest wishes on this bright spring holiday. We wish you strong health, mental comfort, joy, success in study and work, flowers, smiles, gifts, and most importantly – of course, love! May you and your loved ones always and everywhere be accompanied by good luck and well-being!


V.A. Lazarenko Rector of KSMU, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor,

Deputy of Kursk Regional Duma of the VII convocation, Honorary Citizen of Kursk