On November 25, 2020 International Scientific-practical Conference “Modern Medicine and International Integration” dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of Bukhara State Medical Institute was held in Republic of Uzbekistan.

Deputy Minister of Republic of Uzbekistan A. Sh. Inoyatov, heads of research centers, educational medical establishments of Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Poland, Azerbaijan, Germany, USA, China and Kyrgyzstan took part in the conference.

KSMU Rector, Professor V.A. Lazarenko and Director of the International Medical Institute M.T. Chahine were the delegates of Kursk State Medical University.

The Rector congratulated Bukhara State Medical Institute on its 30th anniversary and marked successful experience of implementation of the joint educational programs in the specialties of “Biotechnology” and “Pharmacy”. 61 Uzbekistan citizens study currently under these programs.