Degree in Biotechnology

Degree in Biotechnology

The main types of professional activity:

  1. Development, production and certification of medicines and biologically active drugs and medical devices.
  2. Modeling and obtaining medical and cosmetic products based on living objects (including sports cosmetics and dietary supplements for sports nutrition).
  3. Biotechnology of plant organisms.
  4. Ecobiotechnology. 
  5. Medical applied biotechnology (biotechnology of reproduction and correction of embryonic development, cell biotechnology, gene, cell and tissue therapy; biotechnology in transplantology).
  6. Quality management of biotechnological research and production.

The main educational program is Biotechnology.

The main professional educational program, implemented by KSMU the direction of preparation Biotechnology, focus (profile) The drug technology is a document system developed taking into account labor market requirements.

This educational program defines:

  • The expected results of the development of the educational program – competencies students established by the educational standard;
  • The expected learning outcomes for each discipline and practice – knowledge, abilities, skills and (or) experience of activity characterizing the stages of formation of competencies and ensuring achievement of the planned results of mastering the educational program.

The educational program focuses on the production and technological activity as the main one.

Qualification : Bachelor

Duration : 4 Years

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