In the period from October 18 to October 25, on the territory of hostels No. 4 and No. 5, employees of the International Medical Institute organized international clean-up events, in which students from Malaysia, Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan took part.

Conducting clean-up events is a great way to show our desire to live in a beautiful world, communicate together in casual atmosphere outdoors on an autumn day, because the order should be both in a person and around him.

After cleaning, it’s nice to look at the world, which has become more beautiful and cleaner due to our efforts.

October turned out to be clear, sunny, bright, which contributed to an excellent mood. Armed with the necessary equipment, students, dormitory supervisors and educators happily tidied up the campus territory. Everyone worked with great enthusiasm. Someone swept the fallen leaves, someone collected the leaves in bags and carried them away. Tired, but in a good mood, everyone finished the work. Clean-up events were very enthusiastic and active, everyone was motivated. Everyone did a great job! Well done!!!